Hello! I’m Elizabeth Jellison. I usually go by Elizabeth or Beth- just don’t call me Liz! I am a technical and creative writer, amateur historian, and former writing instructor.

I’m currently in the process of changing my career to focus on technical writing for web based software. My interests are APIs (both native and RESTful), web development, static site generators, user guides, how-to videos, and how to best communicate information. I have experience in using FrameMaker, editing structured documents, and working with translations.

For the last eight months or so, I have been learning JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and how to read code. Recently I have contributed to an open-source project on GitHub, where I created a static website for the project’s API documentation.

On my own time I read history books, with a focus on 20th century Korean history, and World War One military history. I am fascinated and intrigued by the How, Why, and What, that brought us to where we are now in the 21st century, and where it will take us from here. I am compelled to learn as much as I can, which also inspires me to write. I believe the most powerful lessons are best taught through fiction, plays, and other creative forms, and if only we just pay attention, we can be both entertained and informed.

The effects companies have on the social structure of the cities they exist in is also extremely important to me. Living here in the SF Bay area, homelessness, traffic congestion, and affordability of housing is never not in the news, and I believe we all have the responsibility to do something about it. A company passionate about reducing inequality and contributing to improvement of society is a company I want to work for.